In August I started my 18th first day of school as the teacher. With the hustle and bustle that is the first month of school, I am finally enjoying a quiet evening to think about things that are yes, school related (teachers will always bring work home in one way or another), but also ME … More 9.19.19



Today I feel like I’m seeing through a lens of actual reality instead of the lens of how I want things to be. I feel so many things all at once that I don’t know how to explain it, but I’m going to try.  I realized very recently that I’ve been a passenger in my … More 4.25.19

Life in the Fat Suit

Imagine wearing an overly padded suit. It’s soft and fluffy, but it surrounds your arms, legs, core, and butt.  It is so hot in the suit that at times you feel you’re almost suffocating. Every time you walk it takes extra work because the padded suit restricts ease of motion.  You’re uncomfortable, you’re sweltering, and … More Life in the Fat Suit

Almost 39

I am 38 years old, yet 39 looms around the corner with a menacing glare in my direction. My body feels every bit of 39. My knees crack, my back hurts occasionally, and I’m developing wrinkles on my forehead. My skin isn’t as soft as it once was, and it dries out very quickly. My … More Almost 39